Post Grid Tab Widget

How to use the Post Grid Tab Widget?

To add a post grid tab widget, search by “Post Grid Tab” and use the widget that has the “HT Badge”.

After adding the widget to the required position, add, edit, or remove the item for the Post Grid Tab.

post Carousel:

Layout: You can easily change the Post Carousel layout and 1 to 5 different invisible styles.

Post Option:

Content Source: Easily select Content Source as you need Example: Pages, Post, Event, and portfolio, etc.
Limit: You can easily control the posted limit as you need.
Custom order Off: Sorted by Ascending / Descending.
Custom order On: Sorted by None, ID, Date, Name, Title, Comment count, and Random.
Title: On / Off.
Category: On / Off.
Date: On / Off.
Read More Button Text: As you need you can easily add read more button text.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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