Twitter Feed Widget

How to use Twitter Feed Widget?

To add a Twitter Feed widget, search by “Twitter Feed” and use the widget that has the “HT Badge”.

Twitter Feed Side:

Style: You can easily change to individual style. Example: Style One / Style Two / Style Three / Style Four / Style Five.
User Name: Add user name as you need.
Consumer key: Add consumer key as you need.
Consumer Secret: Add Consumer secret as you need.
Access Token: Add access token as you need.
Access Token Secret: Add access token secret as you need.
Limit: Control the twitter item limit per page as you need.
Content Length: Add content length as you need.
Show Twitter Meta: Enable / Disable.
Show Author Image: Enable / Disable.
Show Author Name: Enable / Disable.
Show Time: Enable / Disable.
Show Relative Time: Enable / Disable.
Slider: Enable / Disable.

Slider Option Side:

Slider Items: Control slider item per page as you need.
Slider Arrow: Enable / Disable.
Slider Dot: Enable / Disable.
Pause on Hover: Enable / Disable.
Center Mode: Enable / Disable.
Slider Auto Play: Enable / Disable.
Auto Play Speed: Easily control autoplay slider speed as you need.
Auto Play Animation: Add autoplay animation speed as you need.
Tablet / Mobile Phone
Slider Items: Control slider item per page as you need.
Slider item to scroll: Control slider item to scroll per page as you need.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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