Elementor Button Widget

The HT Mega Elementor Button Widget is a highly configurable widget that will let you add attractive buttons to your website. It provides you with numerous unique button styles to choose from. 

Elementor Button Widget Example


HT Mega Button Widget is a simple and easy way to give your website a boost. You can add as many interactive elements as you like and with the click of a button, you can put them in any corner of your page.

Button Elementor Widget Style


Adding new buttons to your Elementor website has never been easier. With HT Mega, adding new buttons is as simple as pasting the code in the widget section of your website.

Elementor Button Widget Size


HT Mega provides many different types of button sections that fit your needs! Choose from a wide variety of different styles and layouts that will go great on any page of your website or blog post!

Button Elementor Widget Gradient


With the HT Mega button widget, you can add any type of button that suits your website in just one click. Choose from the following types: Deal, Image, Link, Text Area and more.

Elementor Button Widget Shadow


HT Mega lets you customise the button widget with different colours, fonts and themes to suit every element on your website. You can also make text bold or italicized!

Button Elementor Widget Icon


The HT Mega Button Wittet for Elementor is very easy to use. It doesn't require coding or design skills. You can even change The color of the button and upload your logo with just a few clicks.

Elementor Button Widget Icon Position


HT Mega Button Widget supports various buttons types: round, rectangular, square, and custom image buttons, as well as various colors and sizes.

Button Elementor Widget With Image


HT Mega Button Widget allows you to design your own buttons with a variety of customizable settings. No coding is needed!

Elementor Extra Button


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