Elementor Image Magnifier Widget

The Elementor Image Magnifier Widget by HT Mega allows you to provide your website visitors with an interactive zoom-in effect on images. They'll be able to zoom in and inspect the details of an image by scrolling the mouse wheel over it.

Elementor Image Magnifier Widget (Style - 1)


Zoom in on any part of the image by scrolling their mouse wheel over it!


Image Magnifier Elementor Widget (Style - 2)


The image magnifier widget helps you to enlarge images on click, or mouseover.


HT Mega Elementor Image Magnifier Widget(Style - 3)


You'll be able to zoom in on an image and see what details are important to you.


HT Mega Image Magnifier Elementor Widget (Style - 4)


Image magnifier widget is a tool that is used to zoom in on images on the web page


Elementor Image Magnifier Widget (Style - 5)


Great way to easily provide an interactive zoom-in effect on images

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