Elementor lottie widget

Elementor Lottie Widget

HT Mega Elementor Lottie Widget is a modern looking and sleek element, designed to display your lottie animation in a beautifully styled widget

Welcome to Elementor Lottie Widget

Welcome to HT Mega Widgets

Every journey begins with a single step.

These lightweight and high-quality animation assets can be used with HT Mega Elementor Lottie Widget

Welcome to HT Mega Elements

Being creative is fun & Awesome.

This impressive Elementor widget comes with tons of controls and settings to take charge of your animations

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HT Mega Lottie widgets brings an entirely new level of sophistication to your website

Grow Plan

Increase the number of visitors to your website using the HT Mega Lottie Animation Widget.


Element comes with high-quality animation assets - perfect for your next stunning project

Welcome to HT Mega

A collaboration with talented designers

HT Mega Lottie widget combines sleek animations with lightweight assets that work on mobile devices without a hitch


Test your creativity & start a new story.

We gave you flexibility on how you want to animate your element with our Elementor lottie widget. it’s super easy for you to set up animations just the way you want it

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