Elementor Testimonial Widget

The HT Mega Elementor Testimonial widget displays valuable reviews on your web pages. You can display the client testimonials in a number of styles with the help of this useful widget.

Elementor Testimonial Widget (Layout One)


See what people are saying about your business

HT Mega Title Shape Elementor

HT Mega Testimonial Addon (Layout Two)

HT Mega Shape

Elementor Testimonial Addon (Layout Three)


Elementor Testimonial Addon makes it easy for you to build trust with visitors, by displaying real customer reviews.

Testimonial Carousel Widget (Layout Four)

HT Mega Title Shape

HT Mega Testimonial Widget (Layout Five)


Elementor Testimonial widget is free for all HT Mega customers, and can be set up in seconds, without you having to code anything.

HT Mega Section title shape

HT Mega Testimonial Addon (Layout Six)

Testimonial Elementor Widget (Layout Seven)


Testimonial Elementor Widget is a widget that can be added to any website, making it easy to get customer feedback.

HT Mega Shape

Testimonial Widget Elementor (Layout Eight)

HT Mega Section title shape

Testimonial Addon (Layout Nine)


HT Mega is a WordPress Plugin that makes it easy to add testimonials to your website.

HT Mega Title Shape

Testimonial Elementor Addon (Layout Ten)


Best of all, the plugin is light-weight, which means your website will be faster and more responsive.

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