Elementor Video Player Widget

The HT Mega Elenmentor Video Player Widget is a useful tool with intuitive options to showcase your YouTube, and Vimeo videos in style for WordPress using Elementor. You can add a custom thumbnail image and set an overlay that will present the videos on web pages in a more appealing and attractive way.

Elementor Video Player Widget (Popup Window)


Elementor Video Player widget is a great way to add videos to your website.

Elementor Video Player Addon (YouTube Video)


Video player widget is a responsive video player that can be embedded anywhere on the site, and it is compatible with any theme.

Elementor Video Player Addon (Self Container)


Video Player Addon is a powerful tool for adding video to your Elementor website

HT Mega Video Player Widget (Text Button)


Create a modern, engaging video experience for your website.

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