Accordion Widget

How to add an Accordion Widget?

To add an accordion widget, search by “Accordion” and use the widget that has the “HT Badge”.


After adding the widget to the required position, add, edit or remove the item for the accordion.

Style: You can easily change to individual style. Example: Style One / Style Two / Style Three / Style Four.
Accordion items: Add unlimited Accordion items as you need.
Title and Accordion Content: As you need you can easily add title and accordion content.
Select Conten Source: Custom / Elemantor Templete.
Title HTML Tag: You can easily change the Accordion title size.
Item Collapse Icon and Open Item Icon: As you need, easily change Item Collapse Icon and Open Item Icon.
Close All Item: All items can be closed and opened with a single click as you need.
Current Item No: The accordion item has the opportunity to easily control the limits.

From the style setting make necessary customization from the available options.

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