Conditional Display Module

Conditional display offers numerous benefits for enhancing user experience and engagement. By tailoring content based on specific conditions such as location, device type, referral source, or user roles, you can deliver personalized experiences that resonate with individual users. This targeted approach increases the relevance and effectiveness of your content, leading to improved engagement, satisfaction, and overall user experience.

Steps of adding Conditional Display

Make sure you have installed and activated the HT Mega Pro.

Step 1: How to Enable Conditional Display Module?

Go to WordPress Dashboard > HTMega Addons> Settings > Modules. From the list of Modules, turn ON the “Conditional Display” Module.

Conditional display
After enabling the Conditional Display module option press the Save Settings button to save this setting.

Step 2: How to Use Conditional Display Option?

The Conditional Display is a universal feature that functions with all widgets, including third-party addons’ widgets, sections, and columns. It shows within the Advanced Tab.

Step 3: How to add display condition?

Once you enable the conditional display, you will have access to the “Element you want to“, “Display on“, “Timezone,” and “Conditions” fields to set the display conditions.

Element You Want To: You can Show or Hide element by selecting this option according to the condition.

Display On: If you want your content to be displayed only when all the conditions are true, you should select the “All Conditions Met” option. Conversely, if you want your content to be displayed when any of the conditions you added is true, choose the “Any Condition Met” option.

Timezone: For the Date, Time, and Day condition option, you can set either the Server Timezone or the Local Timezone. This allows you to specify the desired time zone for your display conditions related to Date, Time, and Day.

Conditions: To select a condition, you need to configure three options. First, choose the condition name such as Login status, User role, Country etc. Second, select either “Is” or “Is not” to compare the condition and condition value. Finally, in the third dropdown menu, select a value for the condition. This dropdown will provide you with relevant value options based on the condition chosen in the first dropdown.

Add Item: To add a new condition, simply click on the “+ ADD ITEM” button. You have the freedom to add as much condition as you desire.

In this case, we have added a condition to display content exclusively for logged-in users.

Step 4: Update and Preview

Once you have added the condition, click on the “UPDATE” button to save these settings.

Here we can see the call-to-action section displayed when logged in. However, in incognito mode, this section is not displayed.

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