Elementor Flip Carousel Widget

Elevate your website’s aesthetics with the HT Mega Elementor Flip Carousel widget. Craft engaging carousels featuring captivating flip animations to captivate your visitors. Showcase products, portfolio items, and more. Effortlessly customize the widget to seamlessly align with your website’s style through user-friendly options.

Benefits of Using Flip Carousel

  1. Engaging Visual Presentation: Flip Carousel provides an interactive and visually engaging way to showcase content, attracting and retaining visitors’ attention.
  2. Improved Navigation: Users can easily navigate through content using the carousel, providing a seamless and intuitive way to explore different items.
  3. Efficient Space Utilization: Flip Carousels are space-efficient, enabling the presentation of multiple items within a confined space, making them suitable for various layouts.

Steps of adding Flip Carousel Widget

Make sure you have installed and activated HT Mega Pro.

HT Mega addons

Step 1: How to Enable Flip Carousel Widget?

Go to WordPress Dashboard > HTMega Addons > Settings > Elements. From the list of Elements, enable the “Flip Carousel” widget.

flip carousel widget
After turning on the Flip Carousel Switcher, just click the “Save Settings” button to save your changes easily.

Step 2: How to Use the Flip Carousel Widget

Once you’ve enabled the Flip Carousel widget in the element settings, access the Elementor editor for your chosen page. Search for “Flip Carousel” and then drag and drop the widget with the “HT” badge.

flip carousel element

Step 3: How to customize the Elementor Flip Carousel Widget?

After adding the Flip Carousel widget, navigate to the Content tab, where you’ll find the Flip Slides and Settings sections. Now, you can proceed to update the content for each Flip Carousel Item.

flip carousel addon
Flip Slides

Within the Flip Slides section, you have the option to include the Slide Image, Caption, and Link by enabling the Slide Link switcher.

elementor flip carousel widget

In the Settings section, you can customize various aspects such as Slide Image size, Carousel Style, Spacing, Image Caption, Image Link, and toggle options for Navigation, Pagination, and more to manage the carousel settings.

flip carousel widget

Within the Carousel Style options, you can choose from Flat, Coverflow, Carousel, and Wheel to determine the visual presentation style of the carousel.

flip carousel addon

After enabling the Navigation option, you can choose the type of navigation icon, deciding between an icon or text, for both the next and previous buttons.

flip carousel element

Step 4: How to customize the Elementor Flip Carousel Widget Style?

Within the Style tab, you have the flexibility to customize the Carousel Navigation, Pagination, and Caption styles to align with your preferences.

elementor flip carousel

Usage Examples

Here are some live use cases for the Elementor Flip Carousel Widget. Follow this link to see more Demos

Elementor flipbox widget

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